About Galloways

Galloway cattle are an old Scottish breed, and are the oldest polled beef cattle in the world.  Galloways can be black, dun or red coloured.  Belted Galloways are black, dun or red, with a white belt surrounding the girth of the cow, while white Galloways are white in colour with black, dun or red points.  Galloways are a versatile, long-lived, disease resistant breed that can withstand extremes of temperature and climate due to their unique double coat of hair.  It has been shown that Galloways may need up to 20% less feed in winter than other breeds of cattle, making them easier and less expensive to maintain.  They are also non-selective grazers who forage and thrive in marginal conditions as well as performing outstandingly on high grade pasture.  This makes Galloways environmentally friendly and useful in improving marginal lands.

Galloways are a very fertile breed that regularly produce vigorous calves with ease.  Their mothering instincts are excellent, and milk supply is usually plentiful.  Galloways have an excellent temperament and are generally very docile and easy to handle.


Why Miniature Galloways?

Mini-Galloways have all the outstanding characteristics of their larger Galloway brethren, but in a smaller, easy to handle package.  And besides the fact that they are absolutely adorable, there are a number of other reasons that mini-Galloways may just be the breed of cattle that you are looking for.

  • mini-Galloways are ideally suited to a small acreage, with one acre supporting maybe one or two minis.  (depending on pasture conditions)
  • they are great for first time livestock holders as their docile nature and smaller size make them much less daunting and easier to handle than many other cattle breeds.
  • smaller cattle are gentler on the land, making mini-Galloways an environmentally friendly option as well as easier on equipment and pasture.
  • mini-Galloways make great family pets and can be useful for ground maintenance, keeping lawns and land cleared.  Think of the potential of a ‘live lawnmower’.  Mini-Galloways also produce less manure than a larger breed.
  • they are unique…..who else do you know who has one?
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